Reserve your Full Spectrum Hi-CBD Hemp seeds for the 2019 Industrial Hemp planting season now!

High CBD Hemp Seeds

Our seeds come from wonderful proprietary genetics. These Industrial Hemp seed strains were grown under license in Maine, and are now available for purchase. Our full spectrum seed genetics were developed with the intention of creating High CBD% to Low THC% ratio strains. The seeds are robust in the field and are easy to grow. They offer excellent yields and have rich wide spectrum terpene content. The qualities chosen are intended to compliment Entourage Effect focused formulations. The complex genetics of these High CBD Hemp seeds were chosen for their synergistic properties. The various cannabinoid elements are invaluable to the creation of new consumer products. We have such High CBD Industrial Hemp seeds for sale now.

Certificates of Analysis are available to licensed Industrial hemp farmers upon request.

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The Importance of High CBD seed genetics

State after state, recognizing the benefits to their agricultural sector, have enacted pro-industrial hemp legislation.  The country watches the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill with keen interest. Wise farmers and entrepreneurs plan ahead to ensure their place at the table. Planning ahead means making sure that you have the right seed genetics reserved for your cultivation plan. The expected explosion of Hemp farmers nation-wide will likely lead to a shortage of top quality High CBD Hemp seeds. In fact, many suppliers are only taking orders from past clients. Don’t find yourself left behind in the rush for the right High CBD Hemp seed genetics.


The 2018 Farm Bill is a landmark piece of legislation, and its passage is nothing less than historic. The bill and the Hemp act it contains removes Industrial Hemp and the products made from it, from the Controlled Substance Act list.  Industrial Hemp then becomes a commodity rather than a controlled substance. Interstate commerce in hemp based products, including CBD formulations, becomes protected across all 50 US states. Wise farmers keep an eye towards continued compliance, and following state and ultimately USDA mandated regulations. A path favored by many Hemp farmers and businessmen, is the choice of a proven High CBD Hemp seed of a genetic strain which is high in CBD and low in THC (no greater than 0.3%).  While most European varieties clock in at about 2-5% CBD, the United States is far ahead in its seed genetic stock and its array of High CBD yield choices.

Success with Cultivation

The building block foundation to the successful Industrial Hemp farmer begins with the right choice of High CBD Hemp seed genetics. Choosing the right seed can have enormous impact your project. The reasoning behind the choice of one Hemp strain over another may be based on strain qualities which are beyond the obvious.  Yes, you may will likely wish to choose a strain lineage with a high ratio percentage of CBD to low THC, but there is more. You will be well served to choose a strain with a full gamut of bio-available cannabinoid elements, such as our flagship Z-1 strain.

The Entourage Effect

Research points to the efficacy of a synergistic process, in which full spectrum CBD formulations are found to be more effective than those employing CBD isolates only. Full spectrum formulations begin with the right seeds.

Are Z-1 seeds and products considered Full Spectrum?

Yes. Our Certificates of Analysis may show concentrations of other CBD related cannabinoid elements (such as CBC, CBG, CBDA) and terpenes such as Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Humulene, Guaiol…). As our basis and background is in end-user wellness, we feel that these characteristics are very important.

Why are CBD isolates so common?

Prior to the 2018 Farm Bill, Isolate CBD Oil Extract was found to be a product form in which Industrial Hemp extracts were most successfully imported in to the US. Its as simple as that. It is a form most readily accepted by the DEA & CBP. For this reason, US consumers of CBD products were offered a product with less wellness efficacy than the Industrial hemp plant is capable of providing. We at CB2 Hemp Sciences are firm believers and proponents of the use of Full Spectrum, Multi Cannabinoid formulations of CBD products, rather than Isolates.  As such, a good Full spectrum CBD product begins with the farmer’s choice of  a good wide spectrum High CBD Hemp seed genetic strain.

Imported CBD oil?

Yes. According to recent legislation, many Domestic US grown CBD products were only legal in the home states, in which they were legally cultivated.  They were not necessarily legal for interstate commerce. Hence, much of the CBD products seen in the US are made from imported sources of CBD extract, usually in an Isolate form, and often without proper and rigorous pesticide and heavy metal testing.


The Industrial Hemp industry is a constantly shifting landscape of new industries, regulations and opportunities. Let us help you make your most important choices, to allow value for you investment dollar. Choose the right High CBD Hemp seed stock for your cultivation plans. Pick the right harvesting and curing methods. We can guide you from Planting to Harvest, from Curing to Processing, and from Packaging to Labeling. New technologies are constantly appearing in this rapidly expanding industry. Let us help you identify the processes and technologies that may benefit your program most.

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